Zero to Hero to ?

Heros? Legends? Forgotten?

As my surrogate home, this country has given me everything. My wife, son, livelihood and pretty much every reason to enjoy life. Although I’ve always been British, in sport, I’ve always taken pleasure in dividing myself by supporting Ireland. But after 21 years, I’m proud to be supporting my adopted home, win or lose this was a defining moment for me…at least in sport.

The country is on a precipice. Hanging over a cliff and the united feeling emanating from the England camp to be distributed across the country comes down to a single moment in time that will define their hero or zero status.

As a proud, but all together tactless nation the media will be unforgiving tonight, their titles and status for the next century will be doled out tonight regardless of how our nations team succeeds, but every story has a villain and Gareth Southgate knows this all too well.

The politics surrounding this single moment in time could push a divided country into a unity not felt since the days of war.

Or it could push a country already staring into the abyss of division even further.

But it’s only a game of football…right?

#itscominghome #comeoneengland

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