The BBQ Donut Boat from FireBox

Buy a BBQ Donut Boat for about £15,000

BBQ Donut Boat PriceThis little bit of marine excellence is one of the latest things to spring up on Firebox, in-fact the BBQ Donut has become so popular it has entered their top 50 products despite not having sold a single one.

But the BBQ Donut can be bought and delivered to anywhere around the world and this Ma-who-sive Donut is so much more than a BBQ/Boat/Donut.

Complete with Rain Canopy, Speakers, and Lighting the BBQ-Donut is the ultimate entertainment experience for you and 10 guests. Each place on the boat comes with cup holders and slatted places for all your food & drink to protect you from the gentle rocking of the sea, whilst you feast in this ridiculous contraption. (Obviously Ridiculous in a good way)!

How Much does a BBQ-Donut Boat Cost?

This seems to be the question most sought after. It is a bit pricey, there is no doubt about it. In fact it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t. But the uniqueness of the boat and the fact that it is purely an item for fun, means that if you are considering owning one of these you probably won’t be that bothered by the big price tag.

Well for £15,000 (17,290 Euros) you get:

  • The Basic Boat,
  • BBQ,
  • Canopy
  • and Petrol Motor.

But for an Extra £10,000…

You can add the trailer, and two 100 Watt Speakers and even add some fantastic LED lights for night time BBQ fun. all these little extras put together will add about £10,000 to the price tag, but for the ultimate intimate party boat…well you might as well.

BBQ Donut Trailer BBQ Donut Speakers BBQ Donut Lights







There are of course cheaper options the basic model comes with just the Donut; no Motor, No canopy and comes in at around £11,500. But then what would be the point in owning a Party boat with no motor, no speakers and no cover????

You can find the full 2013 price list here.

What is actually in the BBQ-Donut Boat?

So this is based on the “g-power model”, which includes a petrol engine as standard and costing around £15,000.

The “G-Power” BBQ-Donut includes:

  • The Boat, Plus the External Colour Shields
  • Seats with Under-storage Compartments
  • Complete barbecue table
  • Wood charcoal grill including aluminum bracket
  • The Parasol screen in white or orange
  • Complete screen frame in stainless steel and aluminium
  • A Four-Stroke, 5 Horsepower Gasoline (petrol) outboard with 12 Litre Tank
  • Petrol adapter

Anything Else?

Actually the boat also has the option of an electric inflatable mattress, which covers the entirety of the inside providing you with a rather large round sunbed.

Here is a nice picture of how you would use the mattress alongside your hired help!

BBQ Donut Mattress

The Technical Specs?

The bit you have all been waiting for…probably here is the full technical breakdown of these boats according to the Manufacturers.


Height 2.8 Metres or 9.2 Feet
Width 3.6 Metres or 11.8 Feet in Diameter
Empty weight: approx. 500 kg (without drive)
Total Alowed weight: approx. 1500 kg (payload 1000 kg)
Mode of drive: Electrical or petrol outboard engine
Max. speed: approx. 3-4 km/h (with elec. drive)
Wind load capacity: Operation has to be stopped apart wind speed 4
Swell: Trouble-free handling up to a wave height of 40-50 cm
Main floating body: Polyethylene (PE) with high UV-protection
Seats: Up to 10 persons
Storage: 6 drawers with 48 litres capacity
Handles: 10 people up to 100 kg each
Barbecue: Low-smoke charcoal kettle grill from “Outdoorchef”
Screen construction: Stainless steel, V4a
Sunshade: Translucent textile, printable with advertisement


Who Created the BBQ Donut Boat?

A Crazy German Man called Sebastian Schmitt. According to the official BBQ-Donut Website he was studying architectural studies when he thought of the idea.

So there you have it a full break down of a crazy German inventors Donut Boat and one to add to your Geek list hall of fame. What makes this Geeky? It’s a donut, a BBQ and a boat…if that doesn’t make your little comic book ideals about the future come true then I don’t know what will.