Real Fix-it Felix Arcade Machine

Ultimate Geek Gift – A Real Fix-it Felix Arcade Machine

Fix it Felix Arcade MachineAn Ebay Auction came online just before Christmas that blew me away, after seeing the latest Disney sensation Wreck-it Ralph on a plane on my way to Orlando Florida, needless to say I was truly smitten by the level of detail and appeal that the latest film had managed to encapsulate and it truly grabbed hold of my childish side.

Disney are rumoured to of made 12 of these Faux “retro” arcade machines, complete with ripped stickers, coin slots and even a traditional bolt and padlock across the front of the machine for coin collection. As a movie prop this is about as real and awesome as it gets.

What is so special about this machine and the franchise is that Disney managed to take a retro look at what modern gaming was all about and come up with a unique game that could of fitted in no problem 30 years ago, but is equally as playable now. Think along the lines of Pacman and that’s how accessible this game has become.

Here is some more Fix-it Felix

The creation of this machine, shows how heavily involved Disney get into the animated worlds they create. It shows a real love of the craft and isn’t too dissimilar from the Japanese when they create whole worlds, back stories and mini games to be part of a universe, just for the sake of a game or anime.

The reason this is on my Ultimate Geek list is simple, if you are gonna own a retro arcade machine, then why not own something that is just that little bit different. Stick it beside an old skool Ms. Pacman machine and you have yourself the perfect little entrance to the Games room.

Old meets Modern

Modern replicates the Old.

It’s the circle of life and how everything should be in the world of Geekery. How much did this machine go for?

Just $20,000 – but really that is a steal!