The Geek List

The Ultimate Geek Gift List

Ahh the Geek List, This list is to help us fuel our geeky obsessions and give us some fantastic ideas of what to collect next. It is within our nature to not only collect but also own the most outrageous and fantastic things to help us truly feel part of the world in which it was created.

Invincible Iron Man #1Every Geek has goals and as part of these ultimate lifetime goals is a list of collectible and gadget items that make our little hearts burst with excitement. This is my personal Geek list, some of the stuff featured here is outrageously expensive, other things are a must have!, but you will definitely go home with either some ideas for gifts or a case of the “I wants”!

The Geek List is here to not only inspire but also encourage the dreams of ownership, especially of those items that seem too rare or too expensive to even conceive the idea of it being part of your own collection. I am talking first edition comic books, arcade machines, amazing collectibles and the occasional affordable item for good measure.

Part of being a geek is the desire to own parts of the popular culture we watch, read and emerce ourselves in. So sometimes it isn’t just about the price, but the rarity or plain desirability based on an unadulterated pleasure of just knowing that it is out there.

Welcome to the ever growing Ultimate Geek Gift List.