Black Tag Friday Cyber Week Monday Madness…2016

So after creeping in over the last 5 years, the UK has finally embraced the pre-Christmas cyber week sales. Bigger than Christmas itself the radio and TV ads have been dominated by Black Friday sales this week and with the day finally coming to an end, we will see the launch of Cyber Monday.

Where did cyber week come from?

I pulled a graph from Google trends below and it shows the tight timescale companies have to promote their sales and this explains why every year this shopping event seems to be gaining an increasing amount of traction, but seemingly appears from nowhere

The guys at work also did some pretty awesome analysis on the key shopping times, with 12:04am being the peak time for shopping on the morning of Black Friday.


So if you’re reading this you missed it, maybe next year.

More than ever the build-up in 2016 has meant week long sales with more sales planned next week under the guise of “Cyber Week”. But can you actually get some decent deals out of it? As a geek and tech fan I have picked out a few of the deals I thought were particularly awesome and worth parting some of the £1.9 billion pounds that is estimated to of been spent today or £4 billion including “Cyber Monday”.

Our Top 5 Awesome Black Friday / Cyber Monday Tech Deals

jvc5. £149 – JVC LT-32C660 Smart 32″ LED TV – Currys

This caught my eye fairly early on in cyber week, I’ve been looking for a new TV for a while for the Bedroom, although it’s one that gets watched a lot I don’t exactly need it to be top of range in terms of specs.

I find the smart element to TVs almost an essential now and as I’ve mentioned before we love Now TV as it creates a Smart TV out of even my out of date Samsung LCD.

This JVC gets good reviews, but according to a few of them the “Smart” element is a bit slow and the sound is a bit tinny. Still for £149 for a Smart 32″ TV is a decent deal.

fire-tablet4. £29.99 – 7″ Fire Tablet –

I know, I know it isn’t an iPad, hell it isn’t even a Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Google Nexus, but for £30 when all you want to do is some light browsing, reading e-mails and internet shopping then this little well powered device offers a great second screen.

For £30 you are getting a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, a decent 1024 x 600 171 pixels per inch display and access to all the benefits of Amazon Prime; Shopping, TV, Movies and music.

It’s a good deal and even if you are just buying it to introduce your Grandma to the internet for the price of an iPad you could have 5 and a full Skype connection to the whole family.

game-ps43a. £199.99 – PS4 Slim 500GB, Overwatch, Ratchet & Clank and Now TV Pass  –

This is for the players…Brand new slim console, ok it isn’t the PS4Pro which you can pick up for £349 but who knew Game were still, well in the Game when it came to competitive pricing.

I’m sure can find you a perfect combination of games vs offer and pricing, but for me this gives you an awesome combination of decent online play and fun platformer. The 2 month movie pass is just a plus.

xbox-one-s-game3b. £229.99 – Xbox One S 500GB, Fifa 17, Forza Horizon 3, Tomb Raider and NOW TV –

I’m all about PS4 this time round, but I can appreciate that Microsoft are making much stronger gains with the relaunch of the Xbox into 4K games and Streaming through its latest revamp of the Xbox one console.

Game again have managed to put together a pretty complete package; 3 Games and a 2 month movie pass for under £230 on a brand new 4K console. Can I get one for a second room or something? No, probably not.

surface-pro-42. £549 – Surface Pro 4, 128GB with 4GB RAM and Intel Core M –

It’s so pretty and powerful!

Microsoft if you are listening, I will happily allow you to send me one of these, I will do unspeakable things to you or for you.

I just bought a new used Acer F15 with an i5 processor, just need to upgrade it with an SSD, but these Surface Pros are worth the money, the processor despite being built specifically for mobile runs at 2.2GHz. The 4GB memory allows for most multi-tasking and the screen is a thing of beauty. This deal gives you £250 off the original price, they are still a bit much for a Christmas present and Cyber week hasn’t made that any easier but a decent deal none the less.

chromecast1. £18 – Google Chromecast –

Currys must of found a box of these in the warehouse and decided they just needed rid of them. £18 for this is a fantastic price for a something that will not only give you access to Netflix and turn your boring, dumb non-internet ready TV into a super-charged smart TV that with the right apps can allow you to throw Videos, Slideshows or even screen sharing from your phone, tablet or PC.

If you are weird and have a 4K TV without the Smart element you can buy the Ultracast for £69 to take advantage of more 4K streaming.

But for £18, you can cope with 1080p streaming. Buy one. Have a play then buy one for all your family.

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