My First Free SEO Tool – Keyword Opportunity Analysis

I’m quite geekily excited to announce the launch of something I have been working on and implementing at work for a few months now. I developed the keyword opportunity report to give us a quick insight into which URLs and keywords we should target on campaigns to give us the quickest wins across our clients campaigns.

Keyword Opps Download

I developed the report based on the Organic positions report in SEMrush.

If you aren’t familar with SEMrush, basically it gives you all the keywords with search volume your site is ranking for in the top 100. My tool focuses on keyword clusters ranking between 5 and 20 or the Keyword Ranking Opportunities because these keywords if increased would drive the most traffic to the site.

Try this to see what SEMrush has to offer and get a free report you can use with the tool:

Keyword opportunities – The Theory

The theory behind the report goes as follows:

  • SEO takes a while to get moving in the right direction.
  • We want clients to see improvements in the first few months
  • Most websites have keyword ranking opportunities that could generate traffic if moved by a few positions
  • Those rankings are usually focused around clusters of keywords
  • Keyword clusters tend to be tied to a URL.
  • We should focus on keywords on the first page in 5 to 10 because Click Through Rates massively increase beyond the 5th position.
  • Also work on moving rankings from 2nd page to 1st page as this will provide more traffic opportunities.

What questions does the keyword opportunities report answer

The report answers the following analytical questions to give you some strong insight across the campaign

  • Which URLs should I point links to, to get results?
  • What keyword clusters should I focus on short term?
  • Which URLs drive the most traffic to my site?
  • Where can I get the most traffic out of my site?
  • What rankings should I focus on first?

Using this report I have used the information to help formulate some of our content marketing campaigns as the report can reveal keyword clusters you weren’t aware of, which in turn can mean you focus on an area of the site or improve the content in an area of the site you didn’t know needed in improving.

How to use it to define what you do onsite?

Once you have identified keyword clusters that with small tweaks could improve the traffic across your site, you can look at things like the title tags, url structure or how those keywords are referenced within the content. There is likely to be areas of the content on those pages that you could expand or improve that with some small tweaks may bring you in loads of extra traffic.

So there you have it.

One report loads of quick wins and some clear strategy to help you on your way to great SEO success. So what are you waiting for…

Keyword Opps Download


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