X-Mini 2 Speaker – Product Review

The X-Mini 2 Speaker Review

X-mini 2 Speaker in BlackA little product with a big sound!

The X-mini 2 Speaker is the second generation product in the X-mini series and is powerful enough to be turning quite a few heads.

The X-mini 2 speaker has a lovely rich and deep sound for something so compact. i’ts kind of the perfect travelling companion and as good as iPad Mini accessories get.

The speaker has an internal rechargeable battery with an advertised lasting time of around 12 Hours and a standard 3.5mm jack for connection to your favourite mp3 player *Cough* iPhone *Cough.

Here are some techie specs for those inclined:


Net Weight:


Loudspeaker Output:

Frequency Response:



Playback Time:

Battery Capacity:

Battery Charging Voltage:

Battery Charge Time:


So now that we have established it’s good, we decided to find some alternative uses for it and then we started to get excited. The X-Mini 2 Speaker has been designed to fit multiple units together to create ultra portable, but extremely rich sounding multi-speakers.

Within minutes you can put together a full surround sound, or create a circular base system that sounds like a much more powerful speaker. Infact every time you add a speaker to the circle, the base gets stronger, the beats get louder and the little speakers really come alive.

Our suggestion is buy 3 and go nuts.

X-mini 2 in Black ClosedDifferent Coloured X-mini 2 SpeakersLinked X-mini 2 Speakers







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