Top Christmas Gifts for the Wife 2014

Christmas Gifts for t’Wife in 2014

Christmas is just around the corner, and let’s face it, we men don’t have the best reputation for planning early when it comes to buying gifts, especially for the women in our lives.

I’m lucky I don’t have any sisters so the only woman in my life I have to try hard to think of a presents for is the wife, but it can be difficult! Especially when it can be tempting to just stick to the usual ideas such as jewellery, flowers and chocolates.

This year, I’ve put together a selection of gift ideas that the lady in your life will simply love:

Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box

The likelihood is, you have already bought your wife quite a bit of jewellery over the years, but where does she keep it all?

Many women don’t have a safe place to put their special items of jewellery, and even if they do, it can be hard transporting the really fragile pieces if they go on holiday or visit family or friends.

A jewellery box is still a lovely feminine gift and it will show you have really thought about what to get her, plus you can choose a design and colour that will make it more personal.

Some places even let you add engraving to your gift to give it a really special touch.

Multi-Picture Frame

If you want to create something personal, then using a multi picture frame is a fantastic and easy way.

Choose a nice multi frame that will match your current décor and decide how many pictures you want (around eight works well.)

Go back through the times you have shared together and pick out some really great moments that have been captured on camera and print them off.

Pop them into the frames and there you have it, a really nice, personalized gift that will evoke memories in your home for years to come. do some decent ones for under £50

 Multi-Picture Frame

The Ultimate Spa

Every woman loves to be pampered, so this year, why not treat the wife to a spa day or even a pamper weekend?

Hot Tubs

You will find some great spas all across the country, so it’s just a case of finding one near to your home.

You can either pre pick her some treatments or just go and relax in the facilities and let her choose for herself. Many spas have pamper packages for blokes too, so you could make a day of it and go together.

But if you decide you would rather buy something for both of you, you could always make an investment in an at home hot tub, this way you can relax in your garden after a long day at work.

Buying a hot tub is probably a bit of an extravagance but there are a few UK grown companies like Artesian Spas, that make it almost irresistible.

Concert Show Tickets

Buying tickets is a great idea when you are thinking of a good present, but it is often something that is overlooked when it comes to gift buying.

Assuming you know your wife well enough to know what bands or comedians she likes, then all you have to do is conduct some research online to see who will be playing in your area and when, then buy the tickets.

Ticketmaster is kind of the obvious choice for this, but you can look at see tickets too.


You could also look into event such as food shows or animal shows if she would prefer that to music or comedy. Something like Paul Hollywood Tickets for Bake-off lover, will ensure you get brownie points for doing the research and making it a personalized prezzie.

Concert Tickets

 A Tree or Plant

A tree

This may seem like an unusual gift idea.

But if your wife loves gardening, plants and flowers, then there is actually no better present than a little tree.

There are quite a few different options; something like an olive tree or strawberry bush is quite unique and will look beautiful in your home.

You can actually grow them in this country fairly easily. With some love and care it should last for years to come and even bear fruit that you can both pick and eat yourselves.

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