Let’s Talk Tech!

When I started this blog I figured no one would read it…

I was right.

 But something that drives it forward is looking at the success of other blogs and understanding where their inspiration for the modern world comes from. I would say that as a tech fan I would rank somewhere along the above average but below obsessed range. So it relaxes me when I can see the level of work that goes in to these blogs and the level of research.

 For this reason I thought it would be good to name a few of the blogs I regularly read, to share the wealth and show you what you are missing! (the people who don’t read this blog).

The Top 5 Tech Sites I Can’t Live Without!

Buy a Sphero = Awesome Fun Time

 First up the magazine / site that got me into Tech writing and pretty much made me realise that it was ok and normal to get obsessesed with the details.

 Wired is the magazine that helps me understand what the people working in tech development think about, where the ideas come from and what it takes to get things to market. My recent Sphero purchase and blog post was inspired by the people at wired. So cheers!

 Next a lady that kicks some proverbial ass in the tech world SheBytes puts together smart and logic tech ideology to give you little glimpses of the near future. She also manages to give us little bits of advice on tech health and approaches ideas that others shy away from.

Mashable - The Yellow Brick Road of Tech Sites

 For the Big News I look towards Mashable like best friend who always puts you on the right path. Insightful, sociable and sometimes idiotic mashable seems to of revolutionised the way we view tech news. Almost making it main stream (almost!). My favourite section has to be the Gadgets, Little Bite-sizes of rumours and what’s going on in product development always seems to keep me on the right path. Just like the yellow brick road…

 Sometimes I need my Geek to be Chic. I want intelligence but I don’t want to think for myself. Sometimes I just like to be told what to think so I turn to Gizmodo. Headlines like “Dear Windows Phone. Get your shit together” pretty much sums up what sort of valuable opinions you get from them.

Ta Very muchly and welcome to the Top 5.

Firebox - The Swimming Caravan of Love

Last but by no way least is a personal favourite and no where near a blog.

 I log on to this site the most and above all it lets me see what is trending, what people are buying and how the market is developing for new tech. Firebox (no I’m not an affiliate (of them (yet!)).) is the site leading the way in home purchasable technology. I am a big believer in tech advancements but I also love having stuff to play with now.

 So there you have it, a Yellow Brick Road adventure in a swimming caravan controlled by a Robotic Ball. The Future is Bright and Rife with Technology and these sites will help you get exactly the information you need to survive.

PS. Because we love a PS two sites I also enjoy are http://techcrunch.com/ and http://www.techeblog.com/



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