Top 5 Superhero Collectables

Top 5 Superhero Collectables (Marvel Toys)

So in case you weren’t quite aware yet we are a little bit obsessed with anything hero related. I have been thinking about collecting some form of Marvel related paraphernalia recently but I want to make sure I’m getting the best bang for my buck so to speak!

To qualify I decided I wanted something a bit different. Kids toys are fine but these days they lack the build quality of the toys from the 70’s (you can’t beat the full Starwars set and I work with someone who has painstakingly bought each individual figure and keeps them in a special aluminium case..)

So feeling inspired I have put together My Top 5 Superhero Collectables and Marvel Toys.

5. Marvel Funko Pop Figures and Bobble Heads

Funko Pop Iron ManI found these in one of Leeds finest local comic book haunts and instantly new I wanted them. At around £15 each they aren’t too expensive and each one is individually hand painted so all come with slight unique deformities.

Some people like the individuality of this however I personally found them to be a bit messy and a bit of a let down, in terms of attention to detail. One of the massive redeeming features of these however is a the massive selection of Marvel and DC characters available.

The best thing about the Marvel Funko Pop Figures is the ones that come in bobble heads. They are just a bit of Fun and perfect for a desk top collection.

4. Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads

Wacky Wobbler Doctor Doom

There is nothing more tru to life than a Wacky Wobbler! It’s like having your own churchill nodding dog version of Doctor Doom.

Let’s face it you buy these so everyone around you knows how busy you are, because with every type on your keyboard these things bob their heads.

They are a great little collectible with fantastic detail and at around £15 per item again they are a great price to start building up a solid collection. Another Desktop Collectible to make your work space that little more exciting.

3. Marvel Busts! No Not Breasts!

SuperGirls Bust

Every Mans Dream a series of Superhero Breasts, no wait.Thats not what this is, we are not that site. for that site go to here.

These are a lovely range of Superhero Busts. They come in all your favourite marvel heroes and the level of detail ranges from pretty shoddy to amazing full size replicas. The detail of this Captain America for example is incredible.

The price range of these goes from around £10 all the way up to about £800 and beyond.

It depends what your into. Do you want a life Size bust or are you happy with something a bit smaller, and petite?

2. Superhero Marvel T-shirts

Marvel T-Shirts

Why display it in a case when you can wear it?

The example in this picture shows just how great and diverse these t-shirts can be. From the unofficial to the wholly official ranges, collecting and wearing your favourite superhero has never been easier.

Plus it’s in fashion, just look at Sheldon Cooper…yeah that’s how fashion works. Stick a fake geek on TV and everyone wants to be Like me…Well Sheldon, I’ve been wearing Green Lantern T-shirts since 1984 (this isn’t true I was only born in 1987).

Anyway buy these t-shirts from us because they are ace and will make you look current and geeky

 1. Marvel Mighty Mini Muggs!

Mini Muggs

So Good We turned them into a Google Ad!

Yep this is our latest Ad coming to a website near you.

Inspired by the Mini Mighty Muggs created by Hasbro, these Marvel wonders are in our opinion the perfect desktop companions.

Not only are they fun but they are brilliantly detailed with each superhero holding signiture weaponary, or stances.

You can get them from amazon but personally we have been getting them from our local comic book haunt as they tend to be much cheaper.

But basically you have no excuse not to go out and pick one of these up for around £10.

So there you have it our Top 5 Superhero Collectables, perfect for christmas or just starting up a random office collection to fulfill that inner geek in you.

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