Top 5 Boxsets on NOW TV Right Now

You Watch WHAT!?

So I thought I would start this with the title and end with a bit of a review for the NOW TV box. But I should probably add a bit of a disclaimer. This is not a Mans list. It’s not a Womens list either. Nor is it a recent list…This is a our list. Me & the Mrs and these are the top 5 things “we” have watched or our watching on NOW TV right now.

Number 5. 24 The Full Boxset + Live Another Day


One of the original and iconic American Dramas, Jack Bauer is the Counter Terrorist Field Agent with a million and one lives and always in the wrong place at the right time. We’ve been through all the terror all the emotions and been left feeling a little bit depressed that it is all over.

A roller-coaster of a ride from start to finish this intense thriller starts off with Phones looking like they came straight from the set of the matrix and finishes with the Original iPhone, but despite the time difference the stories still hold-up under the toughest scrutiny and although the story lines when put together and watched across probably around 6 months is still a great series if you haven’t yet got through it.

4.  The Blacklist Series 1 & 2 (Catch-up)

The Blacklist

Academy award winning James Spader in the anti-hero role of a lifetime, The Blacklist is about the FBIs most wanted criminal “Raymond Reddington” turning himself in (not a spoiler) to work with The FBI to apprehend a series of other criminals  they never even knew existed (hence the Black List).

With Co-Star Megan Boone completing the naive FBI agent that gets entangled in “Red” Reddingtons web of lies this fast paced drama pulls you in and keeps you guessing on the outcome and ulterior motives of the FBIs most wanted criminal.

3. Modern Family – 6 Seasons

Modern FamilyHaving never seen this before up until this weekend, I can quite happily admit that as a household we are now a little bit obsessed. We avoided this series for months, thinking it was going to be a typical american sitcom, with some moments that would make you grunt in approval. Happy to admit that I’m wrong and that each episode has a genuine laugh out loud moment.

It does have a very American style finish to each episode, with the round up ensuring that we learn something from each one, but this is usually forgiveable almost instantly. A feel good comedy, which has replaced our nightly Family Guy / American Dad bedtime routine.

2. The Walking Dead – 4 Seasons + Season 5 Catch-up

The Walking Dead Season 5

One of the most gruesome, tense and brilliant horror series on television, the Walking Dead is truly the programme I hate that I love most of all. Only a series like this could be born from a comic book, constantly pushing the boundaries on what you think is OK this intense horror series takes you to the edge of your social conscious and pushes you off the cliff.

What keeps you coming back for more is the character development, Rick Grimes is the ultimate local county sheriff come leader, but as his own story develops a constant struggle between morality and survival pushes the boundaries of being human. These intense relationships formed and bonded during horrible events and tough decisions in a post apocalyptic world are what really makes this programme great. A fantastic series that isn’t for the faint hearted. The gore can be utterly gruelling in some scenes, but the highs and elation of calm periods for the group make it worth sticking through the unnecessarily violent scenes.

1. My Kitchen Rules Australia – 4 Seasons

My Kitchen Rules

From horror to unadulterated guilty pleasure. My Kitchen Rules is basically what you get when you add together Master Chef and Come Dine with Me. The competition is completed in pairs and starts out with an instant restaurant serving their fellow competitors and the judges in their own homes.

This is the staple to easy watching, whilst being entertained by the different dynamics created by the two hosts. This competition although focused around the food, is more often than not about dishes that we could all cook. Its not about Michelin stars, which creates great moments of “I could cook that so much better” but the contestants tend to be great fun and if you get nothing else from this, you get some great Aussie accents.

My Wonder Box

NOW TV is one of those little TV boxes I discovered about two years ago. Nowadays you have a wealth of TV streaming solutions in the form of Amazon Fire TV or Stick, Apple TV and Chromecast being the main ones. But for our household NOW TV came at exactly the right time. and at exactly the right price.

We were just thinking about getting Sky, the Boxsets and Entertainment package sounded appealing and with the rise US Drama dominating what people were talking about we felt like we were seriously missing out. But the same month I contacted Sky about getting a package and fishing around for good deals NOW TV was released and being advertised everywhere.

I think when it started it was £4.99 a month for the entertainment, no contract and all the same channels I wanted on Sky.

The perfect little solution.

2 years in and the price has gone up a little (£6.99 a month), but I’d been through Netflix and quickly bored of the boxsets I had seen, NOW TV gives me the drama I want, straight away and we can even watch it live through streaming.

Now TV channelsThe channels we get from Now TV you don’t get from any of the other streaming offers however the box sets are probably not quite as full as the likes of Netflix. From the subscription we get 13 New Channels:

  • Sky 1
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Fox
  • Sky Living
  • Comedy Central
  • Etc

I really can’t recommend this little set-up any more. Rarely any technical hiccups and as it is essentially a roku box, it also has all the terrestrial  channels on demand services, as well as the Sky Store, which essentially gives you access to Skys Pay Per-view movies.

Fantastic little box and those were my recommended  programmes for you to while away the hours of relaxation, plus hopefully a few things the whole family will enjoy.


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