Ultimate Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Dad

The Top 3 Gadget Christmas Gifts for Dad

It’s that time of year again and you have no idea what to get the ol’ man. Luckily we are here to help with Christmas 2012’s Ultimate Top 3 Gadget Christmas Gifts for Dad. We are going super nova with these ideas, think drunk millionaire and what you would buy your dad if you had completely unlimited funds.


Don’t worry at the bottom of this post is some gifts you can actually afford, but lets have a little fun first, after all what would Christmas be without the gift of imagination.


3. His Own R2-D2!

Lifesize R2-D2 for saleYes, your own R2-D2!

Buy this full size robotic stormtrooper droid for around £2,500… Ok so not everyone could own one but that’s kind of the point.

Just imagine, you could turn this little gem into a fully functional radio control gizmo and basically make yourself your own R2-D2 drinks servant!

If you need anything else to justify it this R2 Droid is ridiculously accurate, it is signed by Andrew Ainsworth the original designer of the storm trooper outfits!

The other features of this little masterpiece include a moving Dome with internal lights, articulated Arms for mobility, a Fibre-Glass Body and wheels in the feet for mobility.


R2 Droid Side View

R2 Droid Back Viewr2-droid-25 Side View







This is the ultimate Star Wars collectable and with the recent announcement Disney are taking over the franchise to produce another trilogy this little beauty is only going up in value due to it’s limited availability. Buy it direct from Shepperton Design Studios

 2. Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 with Outdoor Hull

Parrot AR Drone without OutdoorThis is the ultimate in flying machine!

The Parrot AR Drone is literally everywhere at the moment, it’s the amazing smooth glide of this incredible flying machine, as well as the easiness of flight that makes this quadrocopter one of the most desired RCs of all time (well since the RC car anywhere.)

So what’s so special about this remote flying squirrel, well it has a range of 165 Feet, which basically means it is limited to the distance of it’s N Wifi remote.

It has an 720p HD Video Recorder on board with a wide angled lens to let you shoot a massive 92 Degree range.

And the AR Drone also has on-board automatic stabilisation in the form of ultrasound sensors, a 60 fps vertical QVGA camera for ground speed measurement (?? no idea even after googling, probably something to do with making sure it’s the right way up??) and a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor for analysing all this fantastic information to make it fly better.

And it’s all yours for £245.

AR Drone in the Desert

AR Drone Top ViewParrot AR Drone Outdoor Shell







 1. Lego Star Wars Advent Calender

Lego Star Wars Calendar BoxWho says everything on this list has to be extortionately priced!

This Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar is the coolest thing you can buy your Dad on the run up to Christmas,

Hell buy it for yourself and battle your way through the galaxy. The official price for this is about £25, but I have seen it for £20 in a local Clas Ohlson, but I have a feeling they might of run out by now.

If you are looking for this then try Tesco or Argos as both of these highstreet stores were selling them around the asking price!

These things are amazing the Lego Star Wars Advent Calander has a total of 9 Mini Figures including 2 special edition Christmas Themed Figures.

In total there is 234 lego peices and includes mini veichles such as a gungan sub and general grievious starfighter.

Here is a sneak preview of the figures and the parts you can expect…

Snow Storm TrooperLego Star Wars Walker BotGungam Sub







So there you have it from the pricey and extravagant to the darn right genius. Since it’s the season of giving we have also included a number of our favourite gifts under £50 so that you can….

A) Afford a gift for Dad and

B) Afford a gift for everyone else.

Top Gifts Around or Under £50 for the Gadget Man


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