They Walk Among Us! The Robopocalypse is Coming

Which Robots will cause the Robopocalypse?


Science fiction writers have been predicting the rise of robots since the invention of the toaster. With the creation of Steven Spielbergs new film “Robopocalypse,” which was inspired by the books written by Daniel H. Wilson arriving in the not too distant future of 2013, we thought we would share with you a few of the Robots in creation and how their advancements are shaping the world.


 Transformers – Robots in Disguise


Which Side will you be on?

Not as stupid a concept as you might think, a number of Japanese robotic experts are working on fully functional prototypes to turn vehicles into robots and vice versa!

Ok so right now they are just working on Remote control Cars and getting these to function…but give this ten years and the mechanics in the video below will be a fully functioning, Life size model!

Before you know it you will be casually stuck in traffic and instead of waiting for it to clear you will just press the “Transform” button on the steering wheel to simply walk through it.



No you can’t buy one yet!


Click to see How it Works!

So that covers transport but what about the Human augmentation element featured in games like Battletoys favourite Deus Ex – The Human Revolution. The game covers some sensitive issues actually being used in robotics at the moment and how far we can go to “Augment” human nature with technology.


A recent BBC report showed the effect of a brand new chip that is inserted into the eye to allow people that suffer from Blindness to have the ability of artificial sight. Once again if you advance this ten years you might see the invention of an entire bionic eye, with additional features like that in Terminator.


What about the rest of the Body?

To answer that we just need to look towards advancements made around war injuries and replacement wounds. Wireless Bionics advancements have meant that replacement skin is not only a barrier against infection and disease but with surgical rewiring it also means that the artificial skin has the potential to be touch sensitive. This has huge implications on lost limbs as the better these advancements get the closer they get to being able to replicate real limbs.


But I want a robot Slave!


He looks cute now!

The Robopocalypse is built on this attitude but it hasn’t stopped the Robtic experts at Honda working on Asimo. Every year they create a new version with even more human like “upgrades”. This years version sees him navigating his way through moving crowds and actively avoiding Human Contact.

They have also improved his walking over uneven surfaces and even using sign language to communicate. You should also see this guy kick a football he is way better than most of the premiership.

So in answer to the earlier question (that we posed ourselves) you will probably looking at a mass produced version in about 2025, at which point he will be able to do all your house chores, which is good because we also predict him taking over the human race in about 2035. But that’s about 10 years of him doing your house work so it will be so worth it!

How can we protect ourselves?

Well the answer to this one is written by Daniel H. Wilson and the video below gives you just a small taster of what you will need. If you have any comments we would love to hear about how you would take out a Robot Hoard! let us know below or contact us on Twitter




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