The Terra Nova Coconut Beard

I miss Terra Nova & it’s little coconut bearded face!

Terra Nova Coconut BeardThis.

This is the reason why I miss Terra Nova.

On no other program would you get such a highly detailed, high definition set but have such ridiculous props as this little terra nova coconut beard. This fantastic representation of Sheppard appears in Episode 9, played by Zoe Shannon as part of the harvest festival…and it is utterly brilliant.

It’s just so awesome!

tv_terra_nova_trailer1Lets just forget about the terrible animated “dinosaurs” and the “plot line” with a zillion different “plot holes”.

Lets forget about the fact that every episode cost millions to make and that in the end none of it really made sense.

But Lets remember the good times.

Like the tender moments between a boy and a girl, and that time when they all got drunk on some home made hooch. Or what about that time the kid had some sort of prehistoric eel in his intestine, which they pulled out by rolling it on a pencil.

And of course the terra nova coconut beard!

The Pilot

The pilot in itself was a work of mastery, filmed in Australia because the mad b**tard that is Stephen Spielberg “fancied a different look from Jurassic Park”, which was filmed in Hawaii. The pilot, just the pilot took 26 Days to film! Each episode had a budget of around $4million and the filmed areas were made up of around 250 different sets. The scale of this production was huge and the spending was the equivalent of a small country…but the Guns were still made from repainted Nerf Guns!

Yes. Nerf Guns!

Don’t believe me…fine have a look at this:

Terra Nova Nerf GunsTerra Nova Nerf Guns

I know it was a crazy idea…that completly had me fooled too!

And that is why it was brilliant, and exactly why it should be brought back. Because by cancelling it all they did was make me want more.

So please…Stephen, if your listening, and I know your not because you have better things to do with your time. Please, please bring it back, you left me hanging man and you should never leave a fellow hanging.

Cause this might happen:

Don't Leave Me Hanging Stephen!

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