The Smart Watches Under £50

Who needs an Apple Watch anyway!

Apart from developing extreme feelings of desire towards the new Apple Watch on launch day I also realised another form of emotion…Realism. Just ask the people who know me restraint around desire is not really my strong point but at the hefty price tag of at least £479 all the way up to £949 (ignoring the plain stupid £13,500 for the Edition range) I think an alternative has to be sought out.

Now as a disclaimer, I am not saying the following watches have the same level of sophistication as the aforementioned Apple equivalent, but for less than £50 you can’t go wrong can you?

The “Smart Watch” – £40.15 – Alibaba Express

Not the Apple Watch

No, its not the apple watch, although not too far from it in terms of design. To be honest I don’t even know what to call this watch.

Part of the smart watch range on Alibaba Express, the  MTK6260A (this is the CPU Number) has a 1.5 Inch Square display and weighs just 62 grams.

As well as syncing to either iOS or Android this Watch/Phone has space for up to 32GB, a 1.3 MP Camera and a fantastic little touch screen.

For under £50, this lovely little design piece is a fantastic alternative to the overly expensive versions and offers the functionality to read texts, control your music and even offers the function to view and take photos through your phone via the watch, and its pretty stylish too.

Sony Smart WatchSony LiveView Touch Generation – £47.99 Amazon

One for the Sony phone ranges, this lovely little example of Sony getting their multi device experience working beautifully weighs in at just 14 grams. At that sort of weight you won’t even remember it’s on your wrist.

Linking into the android application store gives this smart watch a much needed boost as the basic Sony software, although ultra responsive is lacking in basic features.

All the expected features sit across this stylish watch, and on sale at the moment for just under £50.

The L12s Bracelet – £23.36

L12S Smart Bracelet Stocked in a range of fantastic colours the L12S is a basic but functional smart watch that hooks into either iOS or Android via bluetooth.

All style over substance, for under £25 you can’t expect much additional functionality. No camera and a lack of features on iOS due to the software being poor, makes this watch a bit of lightweight (literally, the watch weighs 4 grams) compared to some of the others featured here.

BUT…its £25 for a watch which has a 168 Hour Battery life and will amongst other things, allow you to:

  • Read Texts
  • Feel Vibrations for calls, texts etc
  • Control music
  • Monitor Steps Taken
  • Use Hands Free Calling

All these features for £25, is well worth the stumbling your way through the crappy software. Plus, if you are anything like me, it will just give you something to play with for a few hours, whilst the Mrs watches MasterChef.

The U10 – £32.98

The U10 Smart WatchThis £35 wonder is making a a name for itself on the smart watch forums around the internet. Part of the next generation of non-branded wearable tech the U10 is packed full of features that warrant a much higher price tag.

This watch has the basics, linking to iOS or Android to give you Music Playback, SMS Reading, Telling the time etc.

But the watch also delves into the fitness elements that are so important in the new generation of branded watches. The specs itself show promise with a 3 Axis Magentic Sensor, a 3D Gravity Sensor, a noise reduction microphone & it is “Life Waterproof” in other words don’t go swimming with it, but ulike some of these watches you probably don’t need to hide it from the rain.

On Standby it will do about eight and half Days, but if you fancy that “I’m talking to your wrist” look then you will probably only last about three hours.

No matter which watch you pick The best function across any of these watches has to be the remote pictures, allowing you to use, take and view photos on your phone, through the watch. Perfect for those super self indulgent selfies!


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