TankBot – Product Review

Grey TankBot from DeskPets – Product Review

TankBot in Grey

Just look at it…

I would cry if I thought it could see me…

This little TankBot is full of personality, it makes noises and wanders round my desk like I have just bought a new puppy.

It’s almost useless, but I like to just charge it up, set it on Mode 2 – Personality mode and just let it do it’s own thing.

This has two benefits:

1. It keeps me entertained, whilst I avoid work.

2. It annoys the hell out of all the developers that surround me, the fact it isn’t moving in a repeated logical fashion seems to distract their simple little minds…you know what developers are like.

Think im gonna call him Terry. Terry the TankBot comes in a range of colours, but I like him in grey, it kind of says, you could of picked one of the other more exciting ones, but you picked me and for some reason, Terry seems extra grateful for this choice.

Now unlike a lot of iPhone 5 accessories, it doesn’t actually connect via bluetooth, it connects via some remote that plugs into your audio Jack. Obviously the TankBot does work on it’s own in the first two modes but to really have fun you need to use it as an RC Tank!

I say tank…

It goes over wires, I wouldn’t say that it masters the terrain around it but you know, it’s worth the £20 or so! Plus like I mentioned there is the whole fact it is like having a desk pet

Oh Wait…

I finally get the name of the creators now.

Here have some tech specs…

Weight – 200g

Dimensions – 13.5 × 23.5 × 7.5 cm

Available Colours – Grey, Green, Blue, Red, White, Gold, Orange (all the colours of the rainbow (except purple))

 In the Box:

1 TankBot

1 Universal Remote Control

1 App – Not in the box but both Android and Apple versions are availble within their retrospective “App stores”


Batteries included, needed for the universal remote but the TankBot is charged via a flip down USB port at the back, it takes about 40mins to fully charge, which gives you around 25 mins of contstant playtime. So basically set-up the maze or obstacle course before playing.

So there you have it a little TankBot with bundles of personality and plenty of fun for around £20.

Treat yourself, you know you want to…


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