Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim – Dawnguard


Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim’s Dawnguard Trailer Released

With the Release of Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim Dawnguard we seem to be getting a whole host of new features from the add-on. With the addition of Mounted Combat in Skyrim Version 1.6 we seem to be getting an even more feature rich update from the geniuses at Bethesda.

In the trailer below we seem to get some new armoury in the form of crossbows alongside some new powers, a bit like vampirism and turning into a warewolf, Dawnguard seems to throw in a deadric power if the video is anything to go by. All we can say is Can’t Wait!!

In the mean time enjoy the teaser trailer and look here for any updates on the game!

Here is the Trailer for Skyrim – Dawnguard…

 Update! – potential release in June!

We have been looking at a number of potential dates and it looks like there will be a potential release date on 26th June ie this month!

This is very eciting news for the most Hotly anticpated DLC of 2012. The DLC will cost you an additional 1600 mps, which we think is a reasonble price to pay for what is set to be such an expansive addition to the already fantastic game.

We are on around 72 hours now and level 41…Simply not good enough we might need a special day off!

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