My TV Blew Up! At Last!

My T.V. Blew Up, Finally!

Smoking TV

I’m not a sadistic person (much), and I don’t like spending unneccesary amounts of money (ok that bit I actually enjoy), but my TV blew up, finally! I’ve had a 42″ Plasma TV for around 7 Years, this is a whole 2 years more than they told me it would last for. Don’t get me wrong it was a good TV. had 1080i lots of HMDI, Scart and ariel points and generally was a massive TV. But it lasted far too long!

The thing is I like new gadgets, I love the developments in TV technology over the last few years and even remember being in New York when Samsung brought out their first LCD displays. I can remember walking past it looking back and wondering where the hell the TV actually was. It was the future…but that was two years ago.

Now we live in a world of LCD, 3D, 1080p, SMART TVs. Now the technology is getting fun. Voice activated, linked up to the internet and a picture quality so sharp you can cut your eyeballs on it. We live in a fantastic time for TVs, so you really must excuse my excitement when the LG finally gave up.

The TV by the way still sounds perfect. In Fact it’s sound quality is improved, because the hum of the picture, which popped and exited existence is no longer buzzing away in the background. But a TV without a picture is basically a really crap radio and a 42″ TV without a picture is a really oversized radio.

The Budget – £300

So, as you can imagine, I had to set a budget for the new TV.

Now we just got married and are about to buy a house…so there isn’t a lot of spare cash. My desire for a SMART, 3D affair is probably looking a little far fetched for my £300 budget. But a Samsung isn’t.

You see the great thing about the Korean Manufacturers is they cover all basis, Amazing TV with the latest Technology.

“No Problem.”

Amazing Picture Quality without the bells and whistles at a reasonable price.

“Yeah, we can do that too”

So I looked at one of my favourite TV suppliers: Richer Sounds.

They are great for clearance TVs at a decent price and generally their online prices are just as good instore, in fact they make sure to get you into the store by having the best prices In-store only. It means I can I can’t get cashback but also means the TV works out cheaper without it.

With the features of the TV defined to the basics:

  • Must be LCD
  • Must be at least 32″
  • Must be 1080p
  • Must have 2 HDMI
  • Must have at least 1 scart and update itself
  • Must Come with Freeview HD

I knew that my mission was basically to find the biggest TV I could for under £300. That is a mission I was happy to take on!

The Options

The Samsung UE32ES5500 – A SMART TV

32 inch

The 32-Inch SMART TV from Samsung comes in at around £299.

A perfectly reasonable price for a TV that features cutting edge technology and a rich LED screen with full 1080p HD.

It comes with fantastic Freeview HD pre-installed alongside the industry leading SMART TV from Samsung an internet experience that provides you with fully functioning web apps, web browser and those all important Catch-up TV Apps (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and 5 On Demand) we are all learning we can’t live without.

For the Movie buffs it has your netflix and lovefilm instant apps available too.

The one downside of this is the screen is only 32 inches other than that it gets great reviews and for only £300 a fantastic TV in a compact and if we are honest reasonabley sized TV.

The Samsung UE37EH5000 – 37 Inches of Pure TV

37 inch Samsung

Let us not forget that a TV is a TV.

It is not, no matter how hard you try to make it a computer. It will never replace my entire multimedia centre, which I have painstakingly built-up over the last 5 years and most importantly; no amount of whistles and bells will comprimise for design.

This 37inch TV for a mere £280 gives me Freeview HD at 1080p with all the connections I need.

The TV itself is slim, and sleek despite other fussier reviews and offers a fantastic full range of picture quality. Other reviews I have read make it sound like you can’t see the thing unless you are sitting dead centre.

To these fussy techies: Get over yourself, it’s a good TV at a great Price.

Downsides – it’s not a smart TV but like the recently previewed Xbox One if it always has to be connected to the internet then it becomes less of a TV and more of a hassle.

Stunning picture quality, deep rich sound and a user interface that is simple and easy to comprehend.

The Result – Pretty Obvious its the UE37EH5000

Well it’s a Samsung.

Thing is it’s got a great screen, which is 37 Inches for £300, but it also offers a sleek elegant design which wont look out of place in any living room.

I have a Blu-ray player, an xbox, a wii and laptop all with various web app interfaces on them that allow easy access to catch up TV. In fact my Sony Blu-ray player is so good at this, it also doubles as a full on media centre. So for me the choice was always going to be about size.

And there is also apart of me that wants to keep this little box as unconnected to the internet as possible. I think Tv’s that think are a little bit creepy. Impressive but creepy!

SMART TVs are exciting. The technology will change our lives in 5 years time, and with the recent developments in face recognition and preferences the TV market will change entirely.

Before you know it you will be walking across the living room in front of your parents and/or mrs and your porn recomendations from the night before will flash up on the screen.Or worse still the TV might recognisse that it isn’t just your girlfriend who enjoys a bit of Downton Abbey at the precise moment your mates come round to watch some form of sport.

Exactly what you want!



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