Save Money with the Moneybox App

Simplicity + Awesome Customer Service = Happy Investments

Fintech is ace! Just generally the whole market is booming with awesome inventions and a different take on old skool practices that used to take an accounting degree to figure out.

But what separates the mediocre companies from the pack is a focus and drive on usability, simplicity and customer service.

That is pretty much how I would describe my experience with the team behind the Moneybox App.

Essentially it is an investment broker…I guess? To me it doesn’t really matter, the problem they are solving in my world is a lack of being able to save money.

Saving is hard! Especially when you don’t have much to save with, but here in lies the beauty of this app.

How does moneybox App work?

Simple, it links up to your bank account. Then when you spend on your account it rounds up to the nearest £1.

So if I spend 99p on something it puts the extra 1p in a savings account.

Is moneybox worth doing, does it really add up?

I mean, ok you aren’t going to save tons by only doing just that, but in 3 months I’ve saved over £300. That’s about £100 a month that I’m not missing, would of probably ended up as lose change in a jar somewhere but instead it’s being invested.

An investment, simplified you have control over.

Funnily enough, an SEO comic book nerd from Yorkshire doesn’t have the biggest grasp on the stock market. But through the app I was able to see three simple options. Be super safe, be moderately safe but with a little bit of risk but greater rewards or be Aggressive.

I’m an average guy, I chose the average option.

But for me it’s working, I’ve made an extra £12 on my continual investments, that’s waaaay more than I would of got at any local high street.

How’s the moneybox customer service?

This is the clincher for me. You can see on this chain that there are real people supporting the company and willing to listen to even the rubbish I come up with.

Hi, number one thing I would add is a breakdown of how successful the investment is current doing.

“Andreas Laust”  wrote:

Hi Sam,

How would you like to see this breakdown? Graph per fund? blush

“Sam”  wrote:

Hi Andreas

Yeah something like, maybe amount invested per fund and then fund worth?

and then look what they did:


I wasn’t really expecting a reply, but I thought you know if they read it it might help a few people out. Within a couple of days I had the email asking me more about how my idea would work and then a couple of months they basically launch it as an ace new feature.

Now I’m sure they got loads of feedback from other people, but the fact that a company can listen directly to their customers and find a solution that allows them to be more visible but retain simplicity is a sign of a long lasting organisation.

I like it, I like it a lot

So thanks @moneyboxteam, not just for taking care of my loose pennies and turning them into pounds but for being bothered to listen to a know-it-all Yorkshire lad with nout better to do than blog.

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