Kindle Book light Saved My Life

How this little Book light Saved my Life

ekit clip light-for amazon kindleAlright little over dramatic, but I am definitley one for over dramatics.

I mean I do have a Drama A-level (yes, really and yes I am still a man, and yes it was just an excuse to do an easy A-level).

So in that tone, this Book light for Kindle did save my life!

Thing is night times for the mid 20’s can comprise of a few things, but most of the time it is reading, or watching TV (We are currently working our way through the friends boxset now it’s finally been removed from E4) or sleeping.

But the same old problem with books is the light required to read them. Now obviously you can get the Kindle Paperwhite now, which pretty much solves this problem…but I don’t have one.

Now I know as Tech lover I should drool over the idea of carrying 50,000+ book around in my pocket, but the truth is out of all the things I love in electronic format, books aren’t one of them!

hippo-crate_designThere is a romance around having a paperbook that let’s you get lost in a story, the turning of the page, the squinting at the words and the general ability to sit awkwardly on the beach with it in your arms.

Books are cool.

They are the very essence of Geekery so at the moment, I don’t want it in an electronic format (this will all change the minute someone buys me a kindle, because let’s face it, when it comes to tech I’m the worlds biggest hippo-crate.

So tha’ts where this lovely little book light for the Kindle comes in, it’s exact name is eKit Clip Light, but basically it just sits on anything a Kindle, or a normal book or a comic or a shelf and lets you read in the dark. It has let my Mrs-to-be get to sleep and has done the same for me. It has let her read Fifty shades of Grey in the dark and at the same time allowed me to drift off into a beautiful dream completely oblivious to the filth in the brain next to me.

Ahh – Bliss.

Thanks Booklight, one day you will be a Kindle Fire HD Accessory, but right now you are retro.

And that in itself is cool and geeky, whilst being an old fashioned techy just like me.

Love it!

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