Geeky gifts for under £50

You can tell it's nearly Christmas can't you? Cause, you know, John Lewis is on the telly, people at work are desperate to play Christmas songs and bloggers push out their endless listicles of stuff for people you need to buy presents for...So here is ours. Geeky gifts for less than £50. Can't be bothered to read this? Click Here

Make your telly smarter than a Crimbo quiz show

Chromecast - £18 from Currys


+Both Netflix and Now TV apps
+All catch-up channels and Google store
+1080p streaming
+Stream from Mobile, Computer or Tablet


Now TV - £24.99 -

+Access to Sky Boxsets, Sky Movies and Sky Sports
+Pause and Rewind Live TV
+1080p streaming
+Quicker processor


Amazon Fire TV Stick - £24.99 -

+Amazon Prime TV and Movies
+1080p Streaming
+Hackable to add Kodi and create a "Media Centre" ;-p
+Loads of Apps including UKTV Play

When you just need some you time...

We look at the latest releases of Games between now and Christmas to help guide you towards the perfect game for your little geek, and basically Tesco is the place to go for the cheapest new releases.

Final Fantasy XV (15) - Square Enix - Released 29th November - Tesco Direct - £39.42

I've had this on pre-order since April. In my mind I've been waiting for this since 2006 and the release of the last decent and playable Final Fantasy game FF XII (12). 10 Years waiting and after the disappointment of FF XIII (13), this game is looking truly epic graphics, story line, RPG battle elements all look exactly how it should for a next gen Square Enix RPG. This will prove you know a geeky gift when you see it.

Here is the trailer:

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Activision - Released 4th November - Tesco Direct - £29

I know, I know it is all about Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 is so much more realistic and better game play and blah blah blah. Look war games are getting to realistic and less fun. There is nothing different about running people over in a tank or charging through a battlefield on a horse, more realistic doesn't mean more fun and there are way too many career players out now from day one kicking the crap out of all us really mediocre players.

So I'm going to space, cause that is different and jet packs are awesome.

The Last Guardian - Sony - Released 9th December - - £44

Another geeky gift, this is a platform game with awesome 4K graphics, the main character is a young boy who befriends a giant "guardian". The player has to manipulate the movements of the giant beast the same way you would a real animal. Sounds interesting and if you are looking to get something a bit less War related then this might be a good way to go. Looks interesting and a lot of people are excited about. Personally gonna be blasting people in space and getting lost in FFXV.

Watch Dogs 2 - PS4 or Xbox One - £32 from Tesco

If you are anything like me, you were disappointed with the hype and then delivery of the first Watch Dogs. The promise of an open hack-able world was maybe a bit too much of a large ask for the development studio at Ubisoft for one of the first next gen console games released. The first game was basically a "not as good" version of Grand Theft Auto 5, in fact it was nearly not as good as GTA 4.

But from the looks of it they have seriously aimed to make amends. Now a much bigger sandbox makes way for a strong online multiplayer experience, which allows you to manipulate more elements around the world. You can now truly hack things to either help your mates out, or just troll the hell out of them.

This is an example of a sequel that has listened to critics and fans alike to bring you a much stronger game.

Throw some random Amazon geeky gift tech on it.

Lastly if you can't think of anything else, turn to our friends at Amazon to provide you with some cheap geeky tech that will provide hours of entertainment. 2017 is the year of Smart homes and Voice commands so get a head start with a few of these great gifts.

Echo Dot - £39.99 from Amazon

+Make your home smart
+Connect it to lights or a speaker
+Voice activated controls
+The ultimate Geeky Gift
+Play music on voice command with Amazon Prime


Fire Tablet 7" - £29.99 from Amazon

+Great Screen
+1.3 GHz Quad-core Processor 
+Perfect for browsing, shopping and video watching
+It's only £30 for a tablet!


Use the force and put their geeky side on display

[Yoda joke insert you will here], Rogue One - A Star Wars Story is due for release on the 14th December. So for Christmas you might be considering what epic Star Wars gift can you get your loved for under £50. Well just behold these force wielding products of awesomeness. 

Millennium Falcon DRONE - £119.99 £49.99 -

+It is a Freakin' Drone
+The remote is a mini falcon!
-Battery Life is surely going to be terrible
-Runs on 6x AAA Batteries (NOT Included)


Star Wars Pop Vinyl Toys - From £7 to about £15 from Amazon

+Buy 4 or 5 and be the best gift giver ever
+Perfect Stocking Filler or Star Wars Secret Santa
+They just look pretty
+You can pick them up anywhere (even Sainsburys)


Death Star Cookie Jar - £39.99 from

+Hold a lot of cookies, pens, calculators whatever
+Easy wipe ceramic glaze
-No station wide defence system

Marvel at these Geeky Comic Book suggestions

2017 will see the release of three Marvel Films; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in April, Spider-Man: Homecoming in July and Thor: Ragnarok in October. So here is a few comic books to get you or your loved one in the mood. I've not put a link to buy these online because apart from the standard shops you should go and support your local comic book store.

In Leeds you try OK Comics in Thorntons Arcade a true independent or there is also Travelling Man Leeds the guys in there are super knowledgeable and are more than happy to help

The Superior Spider-Man

+Doctor Octopus in Peter Parkers Body
+All the fun of Spider-man with more tech
+6 Volumes in the series
-Nothing to do with the movie, but it's ace.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1: Cosmic Avengers

+Awesome Adventure +Just Read it, it's ace +Iron Man is in it too

Thor: God of Thunder

+A Journey into Past, Present and Future
+3 Stories that tie into one
+Artistry is fantastic with a different style for each era


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