Dolce Gusto Piccolo – Gadget Review

Dolce Gusto Piccolo – For the Casual Appreciation of Coffee


712gHIpQqaL._AA1500_ I was lucky enough to get a Dolce Gusto Piccolo, as a surprise Christmas present from my soon to be in-laws.

The Thing is I love coffee, but I like it in a very particular way:

Black – No Sugar, no Milk, no Faf.

So for me a Capa-frapachino, Skinny Soy Latte with Golden bells is wasted on my “like it straight” attitude. So I kinda thought that this wouldn’t be the machine for me.

I was so wrong…

This little machine can do all those things, and from what I am told, it does it well. But for me where it really comes into its own is in a simple, but filter style coffee with no mess, in a shorter amount of time than my kettle can get me an instant one.

So let me sum that up:

  • Filter Quality Rich Coffee,
  • Less Time than an instant Kettle
  • Less Water Boiled, Less electricity used = Eco-friendly
  • Simple Delicious Coffee!

Honestly this little machine has changed the way I view my Saturday mornings. I didn’t drink coffee at home, which is actually why my in-laws bought me this. I always have a coffee after a Sunday lunch and commented how much I enjoyed it. So they thought I was obviously in need of such a Gadget, and they were so right!

The Tech

Genio Dolce GustoI am not pretending this is some Gadget from the future going to change how we use energy in a few years time, this is a little gadget that has changed my personal world, and for that, makes it even better than a renewable energy source (ok, slight over exageration).

There are more advanced coffee makers in the range, the Piccolo one will set you back normally around £90 RRP (on Amazon at the moment it is £49.99) . But it’s brother the Genio, is slightly more advanced, the only real difference though is that it stops automatically.

The RRP of the Genio is £129.99 – Not really woth the extra £40. However on Amazon at the moment it is only £69.99.

The Dolce Gusto Piccolo Tech

71SNvet8JrL._AA1500_So here are a few techy details about the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo:

Uses a maximum 15 bar pump for automatic pressure regulation. This is basically the same or similar to what you get in a coffee shop.

An Aluminium Thermoblock – to instantly heat wated, no waiting, no over boiling, better for the environment etc.

Adjustable Drip Tray – Less splash back and perfect size for any Mugs.

Holds 0.7L of water – about enough for 2 normal cups…just

Sizes: Height = 29cm, Width = 16cm, Depth = 22cm – Fits perfectly into your kitchen.

The Pods

So one of my favourite things about this is the pods it uses. They create no mess as any water passes through the pod straight into a cup, and then you just through the pod away. In terms of price they are a little more expensive than an instant coffee, but for around £3.50 you get 16 cups of Black Coffee or 8 Cups if it requires 2 Pods.

Thats 22p a cup of Black and 44p a cup of cappucino or hot chocolate.

I have put some of my favourite flavours below to show you the prices, These are for 3 Boxes (48 Pods) so usually come out to about £11. However I have noticed you can pick up the single packs of 16 for about £3.50 in the Supermarkets so the saving from buying online is minimal.


So that’s my thoughts on this Casual Coffee Machine, but what do you have at home that makes your Saturday mornings special?


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