3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts sure to impress the Wife or Girlfriend


So it’s coming up to that time of year when, all the christmas shopping is done and you are just sitting down for your last day of work / first mince pie of the christmas holidays. Then you remember…Something so horrifying you can’t bear to think about it further…but you must!

You have forgotten to buy anything for your [delete where relevant]

Mrs/ Wife/ Mistress/ Girlfriend/ Bit on the Side/ Girl I’m Seeing/ Someone I Fancy

Fear not we @Battletoys feel your pain, so we have come up with the 3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts sure to impress! But we have gone that one stage further. We have researched which sites will deliver right up until Christmas Eve.

In other words: You don’t even have to leave the house! Now that is in the true spirit of Christmas.

3 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Wife or Girlfriend.


Last Minute Lingerie

Last minute LingerieLet us be brave, we have forgotten but the women in our life don’t know this yet. We have been putting it off for months, and we hate walking into La Senza or Ann Summers because everyone is looking at us, laughing.

“You don’t know their Bra Size?”

They ask but they always know the answer you will give!

“Well they’re a bit bigger than yours but slightly smaller than hers…”

The face goes red and none of us recover from the embaressment. The solution must be to order it online. and it is Next are doing in-store delivery for the 23rd December (Christmas Eve Eve!) Just order by 6pm on the Saturday 22nd. or if you order by 21st December at 12pm then you can get it delivered to home before Christmas.

Last Minute Diamonds

LasLast Minute Diamon NecklaceLast Minute Diamon NecklaceThat’s right, I am pulling out the big guns.

Diamonds maybe a girls best friend, but they are also the way a man can overcome all the wrongs he has done over the year. A sure fireway to remind your wife that she is as lucky as you are.

And what could be more lovely than this simple yet elegant 0.03ct White Gold Miore Necklace at under £140 including Express Delivery.

In certain post codes (generally all main city post codes) you can order this on Christmas Eve by 9:30 and get it by 6:30 the same day!

Last Minute Books and E-Reader

Last Minute KindleIt is a favourite here at Battletoys

The Kindle has changed the way we read and the way we store books. But not only that it is changing the way we find out about Authors.

So depending on the model you can pick one of these up for between £69 and £169.

The plan for the Mrs is simple, buy her one of these on express delivery. As above you can get it as late as 9:30pm on Christmas Eve if you order before 9:30am.

Then open it,

And fill it with all her favourite books and authors. See what I am doing here, I am making the last minute gift into something you have put thought and love and attention into.

This wins you points on a few different levels!

1. Buying her a Gadget that you get to play with.

2. Buying her something that shows you understand her love of reading.

3. Showing her you know her intimately, like a partner should.

4. If she is reading, she isn’t talking to you. If she is reading, your next question can always be

“oh love, if you’re reading do you mind if I play the Xbox / Playstation?”


Reading this on Christmas Day Morning?

Don’t Panic!

Buy a get out of jail free card with an Amazon Gift Card. Ok so it isn’t well thought out, but let them buy the gift they want.

And afterall it’s the money that counts right?

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