10 Years in the Waiting…a Final Fantasy XV Review

A Final Fantasy XV review

It's no joke when I say I've been waiting a decade for this game to come out. The last non-disappointing Final Fantasy game was FF XII, it was released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2. The thing about FF XII is that despite all it's good graces and it receiving the highest rating of any Final Fantasy game, is that it was still followed up by the bag of s**t that was FFXIII.

But is all forgiven?..

Oh my god yes, 10 years later my disappointment has dissipated. And why? Because Final Fantasy XV is just so damn pretty.



  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Awesome Gameplay
  • Engaging Story Line
  • Takes bloody ages to get anywhere
  • It's an RPG for Final Fantasy lovers and haters alike.

I mean just look at it.

Never in the history of my gaming life have I ever wanted to just record screen shot after screen shot. I spent the first 2 hours just taking 150 screen shots of everything and hell they've even made it a feature of the game. One of the main Characters "skills" is taking photos. It's like they decided people were getting too distracted from the actual game-play so they better add in a character that does it for you!

Think his name is Prompto??

[Spoiler Alert] although unless you had your head up the arse of a chocobo it's not gonna be a surprise.

At writing I'm about 8hours in, I've hunted some monsters, got to grips with a simple but hard to master combat system and Noctis, the protagonists Dad, the King is dead. I'll be honest I'm bit upset for the kid, home ripped apart nothing to his name but a car and 3 friends and some massive weapons that seemingly appear out of nowhere...sounds like the makings of an adventure.

The World

The world I am part of seems unusually small at this point, don't get me wrong it's vast, but the areas and how much is in them seem small, but thanks to the prick on twitter who on release day announced "I'm 30 hours in and this game really opens up" I expect I am in a bubble.

Here is a video I grabbed from the opening sequence.


The Dungeons

The dungeons are something else though, I read a quote from the game director Hajime Tabata that talked about how they wanted to do something different and inject a cramped, eerily realistic feel to the dungeons and they succeeded. They are horrible!

img_4915.jpgThe first one you get to is a pathway to an old royal tomb, but it feels like an abandoned underground war bunker, which is exactly what it is. Low lighting coupled with slowed cautious character movements and daemons that appear from nowhere create a horror game atmosphere that genuinely will make me hesitant to enter the next one.

The success of the franchise has always been the weird familiarity put across a new universe. It's a bit of a multi-verse theory. The chocobos are there, so are the iron giants and "bombs", but the feel of the combat is new. I don't feel like I'm the most awesome fighter in fact already I've had to run away from quite a few fights, there is even a feeling similar to monster hunter where the scale and size of some of these creatures are so epic there is a daunting feeling that eventually you are gonna have to fight one and you are gonna lose.

I'm aware this has been a gushing FFXV review.

The Bad Points??

There are bad points, the repetitive cut scenes when you want to drive your car at night get tedious and even the vastness of the open world seem to take forever to run around but all of that is forgiven for outstanding playability and next level use of the available graphics.

I could probably go on, but lets face it there are about another thousand reviews out there. So instead I'm gonna finish this FFXV review with a slider featuring Instagram style pictures of the food in the game.


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