Things to do…

Things to do, Things to do

So this site is around 3 years old to date and it isn’t exactly exploding with visits and articles. Not a surprise since the last articles I wrote were over a year ago. No excuses just lack of enthusiasm to i-dont-procrastinate-i-just-do-things-laterblog about products I can’t get my hands on.

So I’m shifting focus, instead of concentrating on the things I can’t talk about I’m going to turn the site into something that aligns my other interests.

Here is a list of things I am gonna look at doing over the next few months:

  • Add an SEO section
  • Produce SEO related content first few ideas will look at:
    • Deciding which urls to target.
    • The impact of local SEO on searches
    • Getting Market Research out of Analytics
    • How to define the “quick wins”
    • 5 places to find content inspiration
    • Video SEO Guide – then a video
  • Work on a mobile phone based decision tree to help you decide which phone you want based on your interests
  • Learn and document my experiences of trying to build apps
  • Look into setting up the site “”
  • Add a recipe section
  • Use my go pro to film more cooking and add it to the recipe section

That should keep me busy for a while, they are in priority order so look out SEO world cause I’ve got 5 years of pent up SEO aggression, Google based puns and ridiculous ideas to throw out here.

Now if I can just make sure the next blog post goes up before 2018 then the three people that visit this site a year might get a kick out of it.

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Author of, I have been part of the SEO world for nearly 6 Years in one format or the other. Now an SEM Manager in Leeds and very much still a lover of all things Tech, Gadgety and all things Marvel. Expect lots of low priced technology reviews and the occasional SEO tip or two...this blog not being a good example of that.