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The man, The myth, The legend…is doing a Marathon

Richard Greenwood is a king amongst men!

A kind, gentle sole (see what I did there) with a heart made of gold and he is doing the Paris Marathon next year. By day Richard is a witty and intelligent writer, so when he e-mailed saying he was doing a marathon to support one of his favourite charities and blogging about it over at mymarathonmonologue.co.uk, I knew I had to give him the support he deserved from all of my 300 twitter followers and 200 visitors to this site (75% of which are spam bots from Russia)…I’ve also donated some money too. That is probably worth a lot more.

If you don’t read his blog for the words, then read it for the expertly crafted Paint creations that dominate his featured images.

Good luck Rich!

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