Revamp and Restart

Now Then,

I thought I would kick off this next phase of the blog with a bit of an update of what will be coming to Battletoys over the next few months. When I started this blog a couple of years ago it was just an experiment to understand how to set up my own site and also use it as a platform for teaching myself SEO. Since I’m now a fully fledged SEO, with 5 years experience across multiple industries I figured it was a good time to do a bit of a revamp and restart the blog with a bit of an introduction.

So, Hello.

Sam Raife - Hello

This is Me. Hello

This is me. My name is Sam Raife, I’m married and work in Leeds as an SEO for the wonderful Blueclaw Media as a Senior Account Manager / Offsite Specialist…but that’s the boring bit.

The things this blog is devoted to isn’t the SEO advice I dole out, but more what I think about the tech I buy, the gadgets I get excited about and the ridiculous amount comic memorabilia I seem to magically end up with after pay day.

Whats my opinion worth? Well to be honest probably not a lot, I don’t represent the geek that gets excited about an extra 100 pixels in a screen, nor am I the comic book enthusiast who reads every episode of the walking dead in order to ruin the TV series. I’m just a normal (if there is such a thing) modern day bloke with an interest in technology that makes your life easier, bargains that ensure you get the gadgets you want at lower prices and a genuine child-like enthusiasm for anything Marvel…

I should of just pasted this into the about me page…but never mind its here now. Enjoy the next few posts and if you fancy an exchange of ideas drop me a line or send me a tweet.

About Sam Raife

Author of, I have been part of the SEO world for nearly 6 Years in one format or the other. Now an SEM Manager in Leeds and very much still a lover of all things Tech, Gadgety and all things Marvel. Expect lots of low priced technology reviews and the occasional SEO tip or two...this blog not being a good example of that.