New Feature – The Geek List

And Then Thor Said “Let There be Stuff you Want”…

Being a Geek is a difficult thing. There is all these things we want…scratch that – NEED!

But how to document it all. Well from now on my wants, my hopes, my dreams of “one day” ownership will all be part of the Geek List. Some will see it as a window to my soul, others will see it as pure fantasy. Fact is, it’s a load of stuff that I would like to own, but will never be able to afford.

But without hopes and dreams what else have we got, other than the countless collectibles, which aren’t as expensive as most of the stuff on this list.

I’m kicking it off with a new favourite of mine – Wreck-it Ralph! After watching the stunning animation on a flight on the way to my honeymoon to Disney Land Orlando, I finally felt like Disney had created a folm specifically for me…

Is this what the Disney Princesses feel like? It’s nice! Acutally it’s really nice!

Then they built the game, and an actual arcade machine and my world of wanting started all over again.

You can check out the list on the aptly titled Geek List Section of the website.

Go there Now!

Yours in Geekery

Head Battletoylet

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