A different approach

Passion. Drive. Time. Creativity. Determination. Belief.The ingredients to make a blog not just an echo chamber of self ramblings and I have none of it. Knowledge, sure 10 years of it and in that time, I’ve never given the time to bettering myself digitally…you know unless it was for my career.

So here it is…

No more lengthy posts, where I try to justify geekiness, no more witty 700 wonders that never get finished. Honestly you should see the number of half started cleaver ideas and lists of posts in my drafts. There is one called “the geeky guide to getting married” in there…I’ve been married 5 years!So instead this is it. 10 minutes to knockout a post.

Simples. X

About Sam Raife

Author of Battletoys.co.uk, I have been part of the SEO world for nearly 6 Years in one format or the other. Now an SEM Manager in Leeds and very much still a lover of all things Tech, Gadgety and all things Marvel. Expect lots of low priced technology reviews and the occasional SEO tip or two...this blog not being a good example of that.