Become the Amazing Spider-Man! (Costume)

KickAss Meets Amazing Spider-man Costume

We haven’t done an Action Kit in awhile, but with the release of so many fantastic Marvel Movies we decided to put together an Adult “Kick-Ass” Style Amazing Spider-Man Costume.

We wanted this Action Kit to be something special, something you only take out of the wardrobe for special occassions: like Fathers for Justice Meetings, or The Sandiego Comic-Con.

As with all out kits you can buy all the elements and we will even show you where to get them from but we aren’t responsible for any arrests, divorces or commitings that happen as a result of wearing your true to life Spider-Man Costume.

So here it is we will start with the body and work our way to the accessories, just remember (to paraphrase Spider-man) with”a great costume, comes great responsibility”.

The Suit

Amazing Spiderman CostumeNow since this is a Spider-Man Costume it has to start with a Onesy, This One is made of high quality flexible materials, some may even call them flexi-carbo fibens (but they would be wrong it’s just cotton and spandex).

Guaranteed to keep you warm whilst you are leaping off buildings and fighting crime the suit comes with a masked hood – that lets you see through the eye holes, to protect your identity so you never have to take credit for your heroic good deeds.

The Suit also Comes with covered hands and feet however the feet offer little protection to the harsh streets of manhatten (or Leeds) so we suggest a suit upgrade to the boots we have put below.

The Price of the suit comes to a pretty strong £149.99 but we feel that as it is the basis of this heroic outfit it is a small price to pay.

The Boots

Spiderman BootsOk so they May not be an original pair of Spidey boots within themselves but these supercool boot covers will turn any easy to run around footwear into a pair of fantastic Spider-Man Boots.

The perfect addition to your Spider-Man Costume and it means that you will be able to leap further and run faster in your normal trainers.

A Steal at around £5.00

The Left Hand Glove

Left Hand Spider-Man GloveThis is where it gets cool…So for the Left Glove we have equipped an Official Amazing Spider Man Rapid-Fire Web Shooter.

This thing blasts 5 Web Missles up a massive 15 Feet in quick succession, to be honest we just like the fact that it probably wouldn’t take much to adapt it to either a nerf style Missle or better make your own bullets.

Perfect for stunning your enemies into submission at a minimal £14.99 only problem is you will have to pick them up after you fire them (I hate that! “excuse me can I have my missle back?”).

The Right Hand Glove

Right hand Spidey GloveQuite simply Hasbro have surpassed themselves with this emm, toy! Time to take the Spider-Man Costume to a whole new level!

What you are looking at is a “Mega Blaster Web Shooter” it comes with two cartridges: One that holds a full can of Web Fluid (Silly String) and another that holds Water (or any other Fluid!!).

Imagine the fun with this thing; your running around in your suit, you have your Left hand for missles and your right for silly string – already you are the coolest person at comic-con!

This comes in at a cool £22.87, which is a Steal when you think of the endless possibilities!

And Finally – The Utility Belt!

Spider Man Utility BeltSo think about it your running around, fighting crime, helping old ladies across the street, fetching cats from trees and squirting burglars in the eye with Web Fluid.

Then you get thirsty.

No pockets for Money so you turn to the darkside stealing a can of Spidey Coke!

No my friends you havwe the updated Spider-Man Utility Belt perfect for all your pockety wanting needs! and a Steal at only £6.99.


So there you have it…

An Amazing Spider-man Costume, with accessories all for under £200.

Too Expensive?

Swap to this Costume for only £50 and you reduce everything to about £100

Have some T-Shirts

Since the likely hood is that you won’t want these items as they are only for fun we have a whole host of Spider-Man T-Shirts available here