Buy a Sphero = Awesome Fun Time

“It has arrived”

Key excitement, running round like a little girl and generally getting a bit giddy. First impressions was a smooth and clear packaging design that reminds you a bit of the Ronseal Ads (does exactly what it says on the tin…)


“It’s Alive! Mwhahaha!”

As soon as I plugged it in, it came to life.

Sphero comes with enough of a charge in it to give you a bit of a play before having to charge it up, which means that you get to enjoy it straight out of the box. The Bluetooth sync is so ridiculously easy that you can’t believe so little useful technology uses it. The Apps like the product are so crisp and clear.

Every App has it’s own set of Sphero Instructions, which is the same across all the applications. This continuity is so important in a new user friendly product like Sphero, it ensures that the user can enjoy the experience without having to think to much when switching between apps.


“Looks a bit like Sonic!”

“This Sh*t just got real!”

I found the crazy button on the drive Application and what was a relatively quick little blue ball that looked a bit like Sonic rolling across the floor became “Super Sonic”.

Sphero goes Super Sonic after pressing the boost button and just like it’s Super Hero Counter part the Glowing ball turns a perfect Yellow/Golden Colour whilst whizzing along the floor.

Everything about this product is well defined and superb in build quality.


“So what else can we do with it?”


After a quick charge we started to talk around the office. What else can we do with it, the ideas are still coming! It’s amazing how many things this little ball fits under to create a ghostly moving box, cup and at one point a Rat.

Then there is the new obsession of office pool: We bought 15 foam balls and using Sphero as the White and a few cups as pockets we now have the pool table we always wanted. There is also talk around the office of getting another one and racing them along the corridors. We are hoping for an AR app that allows you to pick up powers whilst racing round a set track like Mario Kart (…this could be a little far fetched!)

Needless to say the excitement we had for the product before we got it was increased even further with it’s actual arrival.

In our opinion it’s changed the way we look at ball games forever.

“Where can I buy one? I must try it for myself!”

Click this link and all will be revealed (ahhh the wonders of Amazon!)


Sphero Instructions

Here is the Instructions that came with the product for anyone that was interested in seeing the set-up if buying for a gift.

Your Welcomes.


First Time Set-Up: 1. Plug In


2. Wake it Up!


3. Connect it to your iOS Device


4. Play…then charge.