Go Sphero!

So a couple of months back I stumbled across something I thought was very exciting!

A product so life changing that it was going to revolutionise the way that we play with our Phones and iPads / tablet devices. Basically this little thing was going to be the Christmas 2012 gift of the year. Remember Furbies? I am talking that exciting! (But without the wanting to smash it up and see how many ways it could die.)

It’s called Sphero.

The Robotic Ball from Orbotix

The Future of Ball Games!

So what is it?

Well Sphero is a number of things. It’s basically a ball with a small motor in it that is then controlled over Bluetooth by any wireless device.

So what?

The “ball” is also controllable by iOS and Android devices, which means the clever people at Orbotix have developed a number of apps to expand its use from Videoing whilst controlling Sphero to Playing a semi-virtual game of golf.

Waiting for the big finish?

Ok, here it is the Sphero team have made it’s software opensource and are actively encouraging developers to come in and create new uses for it. It means that you could build your own Applications that any Sphero owner can download and use. So if you have an idea for a maze game (for example) where you have to guide Sphero through a VR maze that incorporates your phones camera and the movement of Sphero.

Or (and I’m a little proud of this for an idea)

Creating Sphero Battle wear, This could mean creating a suit of armour for each sphero ball that registers hits on other Sphero users through the use of an iPad/iPhone battle arena with friends.

The possibilities are endless with this little piece of ingenious robotics. I ordered mine direct from them and am very excited to receive it next week. (I even got 10% off by typing in code “Get Rolling”).

Obviously for the purpose of reviewing I will be updating this post with exactly what I think of the product when it is in hand, but in the mean time you will have to make do with a video off their site. Enjoy!




If you want one you can now order one from amazon: