Who will rule in the Game of Phones

Which house will rule the Iron Throne in 2017?

We've paired your favourite phones with the character that represents them best.

Choose your favourite G.O.T. Character

Jon Snow

He Knows Nothing! But if he was a Smartphone, what phone would he be? The rightful flagship ruler or the surprising underdog?

Cersei Lannister

Powerful, Power Hungry, Resilient and Cruel. Is Cersei deserving of a flagship phone or a mid-range flop?

Daenerys Stormborn

The true ruler sent from the Gods or a Foreign impostor? Which powerhouse brand does this ambitious Queen belong too?

Jon Snow & The Samsung Galaxy S

The popular choice and the peoples champion. The true Kings of the North stand strong together.

Seemingly invincible, just like Samsung's Profits
Barely has a need to recharge
Takes an epic photo
A true warrior and the peoples champion.
Popular up North. "King in the North!"
Loves a Drink, and doesn't mind going for a swim
Is a hit with both Men and Women
Both are epic at Overwatch

Jon Snow & The Samsung Galaxy S Range - The Champions of the North and  The People

Despite a crushing blow from within its own ranks, both the Samsung Galaxy and Jon Snow rose from the ashes to be the popular choice to reign over the North. Longclaw is the Edge that is the driving force behind Jon Snow, but just like the weakened processor in the UK version of the Galaxy Edge, it is no match against the might of the Apple's A9. We can liken this to the strength of the Dragons, sitting behind our very own Apple Ruler, the Queen of Dragons. 

The similarities don't stop there, neither the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or 8 nor the crow Jon Snow are troubled by Frost and Water. They both are supported with effortless good looks, that also conveniently take an epic photo. And then there is their reliance on friends for their true strength the android app store providing true support as only Samwell Tarly could.

Whatever the reason of how they got here, there is no doubting that both Jon Snow and The Galaxy S Ranges are the true kings in the north(ern hemisphere)

"Kings in the North, Kings in the North"


Cersei Lannister

The phone that nearly overthrew a throne and the Queen that works from the shadows to own it.

The OnePlus 3 was dubbed the "Flagship Killer", not unlike Cersei who has seen the deaths of 3 Kings...so far
Has a quick recharge time, and multiple display options. And so does the OnePlus Range
Sleek curves, defined features and easy on the eyes, as does Cersei.
One runs on SnapDragon making it fast, the other could be a Dragon Slayer?
Greedy, and appeals to both sexes. The OnePlus 5 has dual sim cards too.
Both dabble in black magic, Cersei literally. The OnePlus with its Gesture Controls, Dash Charge
Intelligent, and have awesome ideas
Never Settle. Hear Me Roar. House words any Lannister would be proud of

Cersei Lannister & The OnePlus - The King Killers are a true match. Never Settle.

Rising from the shadows like a true underdog. A lot of investment has got them both this far, but their tactics are ruthless. The OnePlus team prides themselves on their "Flagship" killing devices, showing that you don't need to rule the people to own the Kingdom. The OnePlus 5 was announced and released in June, just in time to grab a rather large chunk of the Andorid market, whilst perfectly timed with increasingly frustrated Apple users bored of their "same old, device". 

Ruthless and Precise, their similarities continue, drawing power from magic and the rumoured 4,000 mAh battery ; dash charge and gesture controls are the blood magic of the phone world. Creating an army of zombies like Sir Gregor, full of power, never sleeping and at the will and command of their master. Launched with a Dual Camera, neither Cersei Lannister nor the OnePlus 5 will be a stranger to taking a good shot, but it is the sleek curves and understated classical fashion that both pride themselves on that will make their enemies shiver as their confidence grows.  

However they get there and no matter how brief, you can put a bet on that both will be sat on the Game of Phones Throne for a short time in 2017. 

"Hear me Roar, A Lannister always pays its Debts. Never Settle."


Daenerys Targaryen

The Original Ruler is bringing an Army of Loyal Followers to Conquer the Kingdom once more

The dragon queen won't take to the battlefield lightly and although late to the party Apple will likely steal the throne in 2017
Rumoured to have an Edge to Edge display, the screen will no doubt rule the 7 kingdoms.
Only true love sees such devotion in both apple fans and the dragon queens loyal followers
The breaker of chains will ensure you are no longer a slave to wires, with wireless charging and wireless headphone compatible
When these two arrive it is going to make lots of people very happy!
All the followers, means a new army of worshippers will be joining to sing the praises of both
Nothing wrong with copying a few ideas from rivals is there?
The Unburnt. Will Apples testing go up in flames like Samsung, Will the dragons turn on their mother? Who knows but it will be fun watching it all unfold won't it.

The mother of Dragons joins the Mother of Smartphones for an epic pairing sure to rip the kingdom apart.

The boat is in the distance, it will be some time before it lands and the Android Kings and Queens are getting cocky, dividing up a realm that isn't rightfully theirs. The Targaryens were the original conquerors, just like Apple. The latest instalment is enshrouded in mystery; "iPhone 8", "iPhone X" or "iPhone 10th Generation". It doesn't really matter, our Queen also has many names but this doesn't change the impact. When it lands, the ripples will be felt from the Iron Islands to Kings Landing.

The Unburnt...a taunt towards their rivals latest mishaps. But true power doesn't come from a single being. The true power of these warriors come from their followers, the "Andals and the "First Men", the original loyal servants who have made these two true royalty. They listen, and and they adapt. They introduce new ideas to their fans, they get criticised then adored for it, the lack of headphone port and the push for wireless freedom not too dissimilar from a ban on slavery. 

One thing is certain, when these two land on the distant shores. The kingdom won't be the same.

"Fire and Blood. This changes everything, again.