About Us

Sam Raife Author, SEO, Generally Happy ChapHello.

Welcome to Battletoys.

This blog is written to give you my personal perspective and devotion to reviewing and passing opinion on the technology, gadgetry and general stuff that goes on around my life in Leeds.

My unhealthy obsession with Marvel and computer games has led to a life long devotion to escapism from the mudane of every day life by filling it with random bits of technology, post apocalyptic worlds and the occasional throwing my arms in the air at a sad attempt of flying.

By day I am an SEO based in Leeds, Yorkshire. Working for a Digital Agency as a Senior SEO Lead

By night…well to be honest I’m usually sat watching the same american dramas everyone else is, but where my mind is at is surviving the Zombie Apocalypse or planning what to do in case the aliens decide to invade.


The Legal bit…

All Pictures, Images and Videos on this site been taken in good faith from different areas of the internet. Where possible Images will be referred back to their original site. However all images are taken in good faith and due to the nature of this site being to promote rather to advise against different products please address complaints to here.

Needless to say any opinions and “facts” are my own and have no reflection on any company I am associated with or the companies I am talking about.