Haircuts are horrible


How horrible is getting your haircut?

I can’t stand it, mainly because as an ageing man losing hair it feels ridiculous to go and remove some when I’m desperately trying to cling on to bits to cover the eagles nest appearing at the crown of my head. And that doesn’t even take into account the retreat of the supposedly front line soldiers that used to prop up a 90’s quiff.

Honestly the other day I had to pull a hair out half way down what used to my forehead and I felt like I killed the last defending man standing in the closest trench to the enemy.

The no-mans land between my eyebrows and hairline has given me what can only be described as a five-head, maybe even a sixer!

Still like millions of men my age I’m experimenting with anti-aging solutions determined to take the fight back to hairline by supposedly “strengthening the troops” by injecting them with performance enhancing caffeine in the form of Alpecin. Essentially the modern day snake oil equivalent for men’s hair. It probably does nothing but it at least satisfies my position that I can’t just stand around and do nothing. Still, could be worse I could be one of my brothers! Sorry lads.

And at least I don’t need the little blue pills…yet, although I do note that it has recently become an over the counter drug so that is useful for the inevitable future.

Oh the haircut was ok this time actually. I got my regular hair dresser who depending how I’m feeling thinks I am married with up to 3 children and into football and rugby league…because I’m too polite to tell her I’m not that into both and I only have the one kid, who isn’t at school so I can’t relate to that either. On the bright side she fills in both sides of the conversation for me when I laugh and nod along.

I’ve tried changing my regular of course, hairdresser that is, but there is one thing worse than getting your haircut and that is some hipster washing your hair for you just before you get it cut…


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