Dec 18

Top Christmas Gifts for the Wife 2014

Christmas Gifts for t’Wife in 2014 Christmas is just around the corner, and let’s face it, we men don’t have the best reputation for planning early when it comes to buying gifts, especially for the women in our lives. I’m lucky I don’t have any sisters so the only woman in my life I have …

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Sep 27

The Geeks Guide to House Packing

House Packing Tech for Geeks   Ever noticed how everyone says moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in life? Well if you ask me, these people haven’t lived! For me it’s just another chance to geekify the whole process The right tech for the Job As any geek knows we can implement …

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Aug 28

The Gadgetry of Sweeping Chimneys

Typical Yorkshire Chimney Sweep…or Not So just when you think some things just don’t evolve with time, you look at something traditional and realise how far it has come. Having just bought a house, we are now the proud owner of not one but two chimneys! Bloody nightmare! Still we have our own house and …

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Jun 27

The Terra Nova Coconut Beard

I miss Terra Nova & it’s little coconut bearded face! This. This is the reason why I miss Terra Nova. On no other program would you get such a highly detailed, high definition set but have such ridiculous props as this little terra nova coconut beard. This fantastic representation of Sheppard appears in Episode 9, …

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Jun 10

Now the Freesat Box has Gone. Woohoo!

The Freesat Box went Boom! With a crack of thunder and a pouring of smoke it’s gone. Ok so it didn’t happen quite like that. The sound went fuzzy, like I was watching the people from Jermey Kyle argue Underwater. With “The Voice” I didn’t actually notice a difference and it was nice to not …

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May 24

My TV Blew Up! At Last!

My T.V. Blew Up, Finally! I’m not a sadistic person (much), and I don’t like spending unneccesary amounts of money (ok that bit I actually enjoy), but my TV blew up, finally! I’ve had a 42″ Plasma TV for around 7 Years, this is a whole 2 years more than they told me it would …

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May 23

New Feature – The Geek List

And Then Thor Said “Let There be Stuff you Want”… Being a Geek is a difficult thing. There is all these things we want…scratch that – NEED! But how to document it all. Well from now on my wants, my hopes, my dreams of “one day” ownership will all be part of the Geek List. …

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Feb 28

Kindle Book light Saved My Life

How this little Book light Saved my Life Alright little over dramatic, but I am definitley one for over dramatics. I mean I do have a Drama A-level (yes, really and yes I am still a man, and yes it was just an excuse to do an easy A-level). So in that tone, this Book …

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Feb 25

Cheap but Thoughtful Mothersday Gifts

Oh what to get Mother, for Mothers Day? Ah Mothers Day! Some people say flowers, some people buy chocolate. Some go really out there and buy both. But after Interfloras recent problems might be worth staying away from the flowers. But here are some ideas that will go down just as well, and are cheaper …

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