You can tell it's nearly Christmas can't you? Cause, you know, John Lewis is on the telly, people at work are desperate to play Christmas […]

Geeky gifts for under £50

Things to do, Things to do So this site is around 3 years old to date and it isn’t exactly exploding with visits and articles. […]

Things to do…

Google Maps
Team Android have truly taken the p**s out of apple with the latest marketing stunt from Google HQ. Changing the landscape of their rivalry Google […]

Android “Leak” shows up apple

Chinese Smartwatches
Who needs an Apple Watch anyway! Apart from developing extreme feelings of desire towards the new Apple Watch on launch day I also realised another […]

The Smart Watches Under £50

Now Then, I thought I would kick off this next phase of the blog with a bit of an update of what will be coming […]

Revamp and Restart