This summer we’re having is ridiculous. Enriching the soul with every little bit of sunshine and gorgeous day that seemingly appears from nowhere. One of […]

Woodlesford Lock is awesome

Heros? Legends? Forgotten? As my surrogate home, this country has given me everything. My wife, son, livelihood and pretty much every reason to enjoy life. […]

Zero to Hero to ?

Uggghh! How horrible is getting your haircut? I can’t stand it, mainly because as an ageing man losing hair it feels ridiculous to go and […]

Haircuts are horrible

Passion. Drive. Time. Creativity. Determination. Belief.The ingredients to make a blog not just an echo chamber of self ramblings and I have none of it. […]

A different approach

Home-owning Star Wars fans rejoice: have we found the Black Friday offer for you! Trade and household electrical goods supplier The Electrical Guys¬†is offering a […]

Black Friday 2017 – Star Wars Edition

Confession time, I am one big "fidget" Honestly, can't sit still for a second. In fact I'm pretty much bloody restless at all times. So […]

Fidget Good! Fidget Real Good

Simplicity + Awesome Customer Service = Happy Investments Fintech is ace! Just generally the whole market is booming with awesome inventions and a different take […]

Save Money with the Moneybox App steal someone elses' Working in content marketing has become an endless process of idea generation vs the loosing battle of creativity that is the […]

All the good ideas are taken